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Future Release

by Major Murphy

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Available on cassette via Winspear

Cassette includes Bonus Track "Coming Around"


released October 9, 2015

Jacob Bullard: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Synths, Voice
Jacki Warren: Synths, Voice
Brian Voortman: Drums on tracks 2 & 4
Rolly Smith: Sax

Words by Jacob
Mixed by Jacob
Mastered by Al James



all rights reserved


Major Murphy Michigan

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Track Name: On & Off (National Broadcast TV)
Set the stage, camera in its place
open with the fade, in the day, you go your way

Out again, everything starts and ends,
everything will depend, on the time, sometimes I find,
in my charmed life,

that it's on then it's off, amazed by what it costs
Just to know where you are... I stepped out way too far,
I'm belly up to the bar and it's rising up on me now

Put my love on TV, now I can see
what it means to the industry, the powers that would be
ruling over me, National Broadcast TV

All our lives, our dreams inside, the tape unwinds

and we're there then we're gone
Still, the show goes on
It's a ride that I'm on, I'm riding till it stops
all the bets are off, I'm calling: "I'm all in! Ok!"

Put my love on the TV screen, take it away from me
Is it what you really need for you to believe?
I can see how it's gonna be, National Broadcast TV
Track Name: Lisa, Robbie, and Me
Her name is Lisa and she's got me insane, all in my mind yea, I'm calling her name
She's got a fever of 105º, fire in her eyes, yea, I know she's alive alright
Tonight I can't turn out the light

Yea, I think you know exactly what I'm talking about: Love of the finest kind, that's right, Lisa, I wanna make you mine

Sea-punk mama with the hair colored blue, you're weak in the knees when she's looking at you
Digital daddy with a chip in his brain, trying to be cool, but he's really quite lame I'm afraid, it's a shame

My friend Robbie, well, he says he's a man, wants the whole world in the palm of his hand, but he can feel it all slipping away but he's holding on tight, he's gonna stay alright tonight, won't turn out the light

And I think you know exactly what Rob's talking about: Love in the knick-of-time, common Robbie, let's go for a ride

Alright, tonight, just one more time

You know the one thing you cannot explain, doesn't make sense it refuses a name?
Well, it's the one thing we're holding onto, one thing that real, one thing that's true
I know we're changing every day, it's easy to know but it's harder to say, the whole world's going right down the drain, if it's sad then it's true but there's still another way, yea, it's gonna be OK cause

I've got you, baby
Track Name: Then I Realized
I do remember the first time that I did take the good Lord, Jesus' sweet, holy name in vain, and it came out alright, didn't put up too much of a fight, then I realized, I need you in my life

Oh how I wish that there was something that I could do just to get through, be true, go on make it up to you, but I know you know how I feel, you know my heart rolls like a wheel, now I'm head over heels rolling into the blue, just for you

I don't know how to be, can't you see? I'm down on my knees saying, "Please baby, please" I want you next to me
Please tell me what you know, tell me how it will go, please wont you show me what it means? I was blind and you gave me sight, now I realize, how I need you in my life

alright, Jesus Christ, my life...
Track Name: This Feeling Tonight
I get the feeling that I'm feeling too much
I get to loving and I'm way outta touch, I'm fool for you babe, yea, I'm falling in space

The whole world is drifting away, it's time to go but I just want to stay, is it true what they say? are we running out of days?

Holding on under the lights, holding on to what's inside
tell me it will be alright, tell me one time that you're gonna try to never let go of this feeling tonight

I guess all changing feels the same, feels like they're bending the rules to the game and it's breaking my heart, yea, I'm falling apart
Pick up the pieces and start again, hold onto love all the way till the end, it's a physical thing and the healing that it brings

Holding on under the lights, holding on to what's inside
I know it will be alright, and I'll tell you one time, that I'm gonna try to never let go of this feeling tonight